The Wonderful World of Borislava and Mihaela Karadjova

The Wonderful World of Borislava and  Mihaela Karadjova

Meet Borislava Karadjova (@borislavamadeit), a revolutionary artist in the world of illustration and graphic design. Alongside her sister, Mihaela Karadjova (@stalkersince1993), they've come together to form the heartwarming illustration studio, "Sisters in Draw." United by a shared passion for visual storytelling, their artistic collaboration transcends the conventional, creating a vibrant space where imagination and creativity intertwine.

Borislava and Mihaela's goal is simple— they want to paint the world. Their inspiration flows from everyday sources like music, philosophy, literature, and classical art. They find solace and purpose in the delicate dance between inspiration and creation. More than just creating pretty pictures, the sisters envision art as a vessel for introspection, a mirror reflecting the intricacies of the human experience.

One of Borislava's passion projects include "The Brave Boy Morky," a kid's book designed to bring joy to children, especially those with autism. With each stroke of the brush (or digital brush), she creates an emotional landscape where children find comfort and joy. Another project is "To Me, To You," which sheds light on the stages of depression and raising awareness in a compassionate way.


Borislava's work has caught the attention of notable clients like Meta, United Nations, Hendricks Gin, and Absolut Vodka. Her sister Mihaela has worked with clients like Cage the Elephant, Pacific Avenue, Bodie, and the United Nations. Yet, what sets them apart is the joy in working with both big and small clients, showcasing their talent across a diverse range of projects. This versatility is not just a testament to both of their artistic prowess but also a reflection of their belief that art should be accessible to all.

"Love will not tear us apart,” is an exhibition where the gallery walls are covered with illustrations depicting love lessons and LGBTQ inclusivity. This installation aims to capture attention in a world where focus often slips away very quickly. Each illustration is not merely a visual spectacle but a narrative thread in the rich tapestry of love, inviting viewers to explore the diverse facets of human connection.


Borislava's love for detailed illustrations dates back to her childhood, inspired by a beloved book from the Passiflore family collection. This childhood passion shapes her artistic journey, making her exhibitions not just visuals but immersive experiences. In the intricate details of her work, one can trace the echoes of nostalgia, a tribute to the timeless art that fueled her creativity from an early age.

Sisters in Draw, Borislava and Mihaela aren't just artists; they are storytellers. Their art is a canvas for conversation— emotionally and intellectually. Through every stroke and every project, they strive to make a positive impact, weaving stories that resonate with individuals and society. The Sisters in Draw studio isn't just about drawing; it's about love. As they continue to evolve creatively, their shared journey becomes not just a narrative but a testament to the enduring power of artistic collaboration and the profound impact it can have on the world.