Moments of Love With AYAKA FUKANO

Moments of Love With AYAKA FUKANO

The following is a reflection by the artist Ayaka Fukano, the Toyko-based artist and illsutrator who creates  moments of happiness and love that through her art. In Fukano's world, an orange could be red, and a tree could be blue, however the underlying positive message remains untouched throughout her works.

As a child, I never thought I was particularly good at drawing, and I was never completely immersed in it. I have always been very sensitive, and I think what I really wanted was to express my thoughts. I would freely let my pen dance across blank paper, the backs of advertisements, and anything I could find. However, once I started school, I felt confined to viewing art only as a class. My desperate need for approval from adults and teachers, coupled with the perception that my skills and ideas were somewhat childish, led me to believe I wasn't adept enough to express my world adequately.

After a few years in this phase, I realized that I had completely forgotten how much I loved to draw. It turned into something I thought I wasn't very good at, and I spent years convincing myself that I lacked drawing skills.


At the age of 14, my father's job required our family to relocate to Germany for three years. A typical family of five, accustomed to life in their own country, suddenly found themselves in a foreign land with limited knowledge of the language and culture. This three-year experience became a significant turning point in my life.

Miraculously, we were able to enroll in an international school, a feat we thought would be challenging. The school welcomed my siblings and me, who could only introduce ourselves in English, with tremendous support.


Adapting to a different culture proved challenging for me as a teenager, but fortunately, my naturally adventurous and fun-loving personality saved me from the culture shock.


In the face of a language barrier, the need to express oneself arises in various ways, emanating from within the body. It was during this time that I discovered a theater class,


Experiencing such a thing as a teenager in a different culture became a significant turning point in my life.  which taught me the joy of expressing my passions.

I am an artist because I want to express my thoughts and ideas and share them with the world. Currently, illustrations and words serve as my means of expression.


Tomorrow, it might be music, or I may revisit theater. Regardless of how the medium changes throughout our lives, as long as our thoughts are conveyed, anything is acceptable.

This strong interest in expressing my thoughts developed further. Another thing that resonated with me was an advertisement in a foreign magazine. The colors, the angle of view, and the beauty expressed in a single image fascinated me.


From childhood to now, it has always been clear what kind of thoughts and feelings I wanted to express—love. I have consistently been sensitive to sad things like war, bullying, discrimination, believing that the world needs more respect and love.

My mission is to disseminate these thoughts to people worldwide and make the world overflow with love.


Currently, I continue to create works inspired by the moments of love I experience in my daily life. Sometimes, my thoughts accompany these creations as if they were scenes from a picture book.