Christian Young Creates Remarkable Art Entirely In MS Paint

Christian Young Creates Remarkable Art Entirely In MS Paint

The following is a reflection by Christian Young, the creative genius who creates stunning digital artworks using MS Paint. He's taken the nostalgic program and transformed it into a canvas for breathtaking masterpieces.

I have nurtured a passion for creativity since my early years, expressing myself through sketches on various mediums such as paper, notebooks, and sketchbooks. However, it wasn't until around the age of 12 that I began taking my artistic inclinations seriously. This pivotal shift occurred when I delved into art tutorials on YouTube, with my first significant tutorial being a character design walkthrough by Draw with Jazza. From that point forward, my commitment to artistic expression only deepened.

As I reached the age of 13, my creative journey took a digital turn. I initiated this phase using a mouse and, distinctly separate from the more commonly known MS Paint. This digital exploration led me to invest in a modest $50 Huion tablet, which proved to be one of my most valuable assets. Remarkably, this tablet served me for five years until I eventually upgraded to a new one at the age of 18.

My digital art journey continued with transitions through various software platforms, starting with Manga Studio, then Procreate, and unexpectedly culminating in MS Paint. A significant chapter in my artistic endeavors involved participating in 365 days of art challenges, where I committed to creating and posting artwork daily. A moment occurred during the challenge when my iPad pen broke. Observing artists like @Gazedsoul on Twitter creating stunning landscapes with MS Paint, I decided to undertake it as a temporary challenge. Surprisingly, I fell in love with the program for its simplicity and appealing brushes, leading to increased engagement on my Instagram account over time. Now it's not only my branding, but my personal favorite program for embracing painting.

Despite my passion for art, I maintain a professional career as a sales and marketing consultant, serving as my primary source of income. Art, for me, remains a cherished love and hobby. I believe that making it my full-time job might diminish my motivation to explore creative works independently. Art serves as a means for me to express myself creatively and continually enhance my skills. The overwhelming support and inspiration I've provided to others have been humbling, which makes me incredibly grateful for the community that surrounds and uplifts me.