F*ck Therapy, Make Art: Marie-Claude Marquis

F*ck Therapy, Make Art: Marie-Claude Marquis

Marie-Claude Marquis, a Montreal artist born in 1983, is no stranger to the transformative power of art. With a Fine Arts certificate from Université du Québec à Montréal, she boldly tackles societal complexities with a mix of vintage vibes and contemporary critique.

You can't hear anything while you're talking.

Her typographical art doesn't just poke fun; it's a sharp commentary on modern society's pitfalls, touching on technology, consumerism, and societal norms. Yet, it's not all cynicism—there's a deep environmental awareness woven into her work.

Her mantra? Be vulnerable, be honest. She weaves and paints bold, humorous messages on fragile materials, steering clear of the consumer rat race. At the core of Marquis's philosophy is a call for authenticity. Her art, crafted on delicate materials, challenges our consumer-driven culture. For her, happiness isn't in possessions but in shared experiences.

In her exhibition, "Mommy's Girl," Marquis takes us on a personal journey through loss, love, and the complexities of being a human. Vintage plates, embroideries, tapestries, and funeral urns become canvases for typographic introspection, creating a space for contemplation.


Life, she insists, is a mosaic of light and shadow, where joy and sorrow coexist. The exhibition, a tribute to her late mother, is a blend of touching sincerity and humor, reminding us to find laughter even in life's toughest moments.

We have all been through some shit.

Marie-Claude Marquis beckons us to embrace art not just as a form of expression but as a catalyst for personal catharsis. In her work, we find an invitation to reflect, celebrate resilience, and navigate life's complexities with an unwavering spirit.