How Grief Made Badè Fuwa Turn to Photography

How Grief Made Badè Fuwa Turn to Photography

Life has a way of teaching us that sometimes, our deepest struggles can become a wellspring of inspiration. Bade Fuwa's journey is a testament to this, as he navigated the profound grief that enveloped him after the loss of his mother by embarking on a creative path that would change his life forever. 

Everything has been a lesson and it’s not in my power to control things. I’ll leave that to God.

For Bade, photography wasn't just a hobby; it was a lifeline. Amid the chaos and grief, the camera became his solace, his way of making sense of a turbulent world. He didn't follow the traditional route of formal training or fancy degrees; instead, he allowed his innate talent to shine through.

What sets Bade Fuwa's work apart is its intimate and tranquil quality. Whether he's capturing the weathered beauty of Nigeria's abandoned structures, the grace of fashion models, or the serenity of landscapes, his photographs exude an unmistakable sense of calm. It's as if he has a unique recipe for mixing composition, lighting, and color to create images that not only please the eye but tug at the heartstrings.


Yet, Bade's art transcends mere aesthetics. It's a form of storytelling that invites viewers to step into his shoes, to perceive the world through his eyes, and to feel the emotions that flow through his veins. He's not merely a photographer; he's a visual philosopher, encouraging us to contemplate the beauty and complexity of life through his art.

As Bade Fuwa continues to evolve as an artist, his aspiration remains straightforward: more time to tell stories through his lens. His work is not merely a means of self-expression; it's a vehicle for healing and a bridge to connect with people worldwide. Each of his photographs serves as a window to contemplation and authenticity, reminding us that even in this digital age, a single image has the power to move us, compel us to reflect, and touch our souls.


In his own words, Bade reveals the profound motivation behind his artistic journey: "Photography was a way for me to channel my grief. I was paralyzed for about a year, and then the following year, I lost my mom. She took care of me." From these challenging moments, he's uncovered a deeper understanding of not only himself but of others as well. He's discovered the incredible potential of art to bridge the gap of communication.

Photography was a way for me to channel my grief. I was paralyzed for about a year, and then the following year, I lost my mom. She took care of me.

Bade Fuwa's story is a testament to the idea that the best art often arises from our most challenging struggles. It's a tale of resilience, a reminder that even in our darkest hours, a spark of creativity can light up our lives. So, the next time you gaze at one of his photographs, remember that it's more than just an image; it's a piece of his soul, inviting you to experience the intricate dance of life's emotions.