Sarah Jenn

Sarah Jenn

Sarah Jenn is a southern California based artist who creates abstract pieces expressing the flows, memories, and motivations behind our daily lives.

Her use of a simple mix of acrylic paints and water allows her to build complex layers and textures that feel as if the pigments themselves have been preserved on the canvas. She balances the weight of different textural mediums with a softness that evokes tranquility and fluidity. A complimentary blend of neutral tones build layers that both ground the setting of each piece while seamlessly moving the eye through the scene of the painting.

Sarah jenn in her art studio

"When working with different ratios of acrylic and water, there is always a degree of unpredictability with how the mixtures will react with the canvas and blend together as it dries. This is what makes this medium a place of exploration each time I bring the brush to the canvas and what pushes me to continue working with these simple elements of paint and liquid."

With the creation of new works of art, she continues to challenge herself to explore novel techniques and forms of abstraction that depict meaningful stories to viewers through her work on canvas.

Sarah jenn painting

"I think there is a certain level of objectiveness in the art that we create and how it portrays the things, people, and experiences around us. As artists, if what we create with our hands is meant to be a reflection of the preexisting elements in the world around us, then there is a way to embody that in our art with respect and beauty that retains the essence of the original."