Karli Henneman

Artist Karli Henneman

Karli Henneman is a Los Angeles based artist exploring abstraction through a minimalist vocabulary of hard-edge lines, serene tonal shifts, and the interplay of positive and negative shapes.

Her use of crisp lines and uniform brush strokes offer a meditative perceptual experience as the eye moves. Through a precise interplay of ambiguous forms, shadow and light dance to create a symbiotic resolve on raw surface. Using a muted color palette grounded by contrasting shapes, she creates works of equal opposition and volume.

Karli Henneman in her art tudio
“Painting is a creative exercise that allows me to be fully present. It’s an emotional journey of problem solving and mindfulness coinciding in harmony.  It imbues a sense of tranquility and creative growth. I create art that I want to live with.”

She began her Fine Art education at Parsons The New School for Design in Paris and transferred her studies to New York City. After receiving her BFA from Parsons NYC, she continued her graduate studies at NYU in Art Therapy. Karli has exhibited her work in several solo and group shows in Los Angeles and New York City, and her work has been featured in numerous national and international art publications.

Karli Henneman holding her art