MK Jilek is a talented and visionary American abstract artist based in Chicago, IL. She holds a unique perspective on the world, perceiving everything as an energy exchange, and recognizing that "the choices we make and how we handle life's events ultimately shape us as individuals." This outlook is reflected in her work, which is an expression of her feelings and interpretations of the world around her.

Jilek's art is a masterclass in intuition. She creates without preconceived plans, allowing each piece to take shape organically as she lays down her marks, resulting in a chaotic, yet aesthetically pleasing form. She believes that art should evoke a reaction, inspiring us to delve deeper and question our own perspectives. This philosophy has earned her recognition from audiences and art enthusiasts all over the country.

MJODJ in her art studio
"The best part is knowing you created that stir," says Jilek. "That shake-up to their day that they didn't see coming. Something they have never experienced before." Her work embodies the feeling of breaking free from the constraints of the canvas, pushing boundaries and visually conveying the idea of going just a little bit further.

Jilek's abstract works are created using a variety of mediums and tools, each chosen for its unique ability to convey the emotions she wishes to express. Each piece is one of a kind, impossible to replicate, and imbued with her own unique language of symbols, honed over years of practice. Her murals and canvas works are meditative, reflecting the rhythm of her mark-making, which she allows to be guided by the space in which they are created.

Karli Henneman holding her art

Jilek is currently the artist in residence at the iconic Ambassador Hotel in Chicago, IL, where she continues to create and inspire audiences. With over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, she has also shared her insights and perspectives on the art and business world as a speaker at the Future Galerie in Chicago. Her work has been featured in numerous prominent publications and advertising campaigns, including Architectural Digest, the Sun Chips x Bobby Berk "Art Seen" campaign, and in the homes and offices of some of the most influential individuals across the country.